28 January 2008

Traffic Update

Merely a data point, no need to look too deep here; however, I was taking my son to a doctor appointment this morning (about 8:40 AM), and had to drive through downtown Columbia. We were traveling along Little Patuxent Parkway, southbound between Sterrett Place and the Howard County Central Library, and half the lanes were blocked due to road construction.

For a moment I held my breath. Here we were in downtown Columbia, during rush hour, and half the lanes were blocked. Would we make it to the doctor on time? Turns out, there was no delay, traffic flowed without hesitation (even with the 50% lane restriction).

Driving back through the area (in the opposite direction) at about 10:30 AM, the lanes were still closed (one lane through) and there was no backup.

Has anyone else experienced free flowing traffic in downtown Columbia?

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