24 January 2008

Now You Can Hear “It Could Happen Here”

I recently came across a library of audio recordings on the web which has all of the featured speakers at the 1963 “Metropolitan Future Conference on the Metropolitan Future” from Berkeley, California. This conference is where James Rouse gave the “It Could Happen Here” speech.

Here is the link . Getting to the audio file takes a little bit of work, the conference audio files are pretty far down the page. You can scroll down until the scroll bar is about an inch off the bottom of the screen, and you will come upon the following:

The Metropolitan Future Conference on the Metropolitan Future ]1963 :
Berkeley, Calif.]).
Recorded on September 26, 1963 in the Peacock Court of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco and on September 27, 1963 in Pauley Ballroom, Student Union, University of California, Berkeley.

There are 11 numbered files that follow, Jim Rouse can be heard on file 4:

4. The good environment--Introduction / by William M. Roth--Lessons from modern urban design / by Steen Eiler Rasmussen--The private developer / by James W.

Another quick way to find it on the page is to use the “Find” function in Microsoft Explorer (Control-F). Search for the term “Peacock”

Note: Audio files are in the RealAudio format and require a RealAudio player, the player can be downloaded for free online.

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