04 June 2012

Downtown Entertainment in the Palm of My Hand

Columbia Association is changing.  Yes, CA has been rolling out big picture things like new golf clubhouses, new people tree logos, and more lake dredging (yes!) .  However, I think a a lot of the small things they are doing will have, over the long run, an even bigger impact.

Consider downtown Columbia lakefront activities.  Yes, the festival of the arts banners are up (just as the Wine in the Woods banners came down), and they will in turn be replaced by the Columbia Boat Float and International Day banners.  They help.  Yes, CA publishes the family movie nights in their CA Monthly.  This helps too, but I can never seem to find it when I need it.

I recently came across the lakefront activities calendar here, and a link to download the activities into either an iCal (Apple) and Google Calendar (duh) application (check lower right-hand-side of webpage).  Many of parents-of-children-in-HCPSS already use a similar download for the school year calendar.  

This means that I can access the movies and concerts from the desktop, laptop or smart phone.  I can also set alerts for movies the family definitely wants to see (cue The Muppets, 23JUL12 and Pirates of the Caribbean -  On Stranger Tides, 03AUG12).  

The effect is a helpful pocket reminder of things we want to see.  I hope to see you all there too.   HoCoBlogs@@@


M. Miller said...

Thanks, Bill. The nightly music entertainment and movies begin on June 18th. Come help celebrate Columbia's 45th Birthday on June 23rd from 3-10 pm. Entertainment, children's activities and free cupcakes at 6:00 pm- bet your kids would like that!

D. Greisman said...

And here's a handy-dandy publication that shows a calendar with all of the events for the Lakefront Summer Festival.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone planning to go downtown this weekend and want to split a ride? http://us.amovens.com/en