08 October 2009

Marco Polo Saved by the CA Board of Directors

Last night, the Columbia Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to keep the Faulkner Ridge, Locust Park, and Talbott Springs pools open. That being said, pool attendance numbers across the city are downright anemic. Attendance numbers are significantly down at almost every pool in Columbia, including the "super pools," as compared to 10 years ago (and even 20 years ago).

For those of us that are a certain age and grew up in Columbia during the 70's, 80's or 90's; this is a difficult reality. The entire pool system needs to be looked at, and solutions need to be found. I'm ready to (pardon the pun) take the plunge, anyone else?


vk@nyte said...

Hey Santos, love your blog-its very informative and as someone who has grown up and lived in Columbia, now living in Ellicott City-the only way to fix the pool situation is to do one of a few things..make them more area community based,thereby when there are needs for bbqs,street events,birthday parties etc..I mean the CA is abusiness last I checked, they should run these pools as such..Make someone in those areas in charge of whatever pool in their village..Extra cash,is extra cash-y'know?? Also expanding some of the pools would help alot, considering I've seen much better pools outside of Columbia-Catonsville and in Ellicott City that have more to offer,though they are in private communities but nonetheless should not be better than most of the pools in Columbia-I mean whatever happened to water slides??? The CA has got to stop worrying about lawyers and how are kids getting hurt all the time in Columbia. I remember living in Grandview,MO and there was this awesome waterslide place called Peppies, it was Tall and huge and lots of fun!Now I'm not saying that we should have something like that at every pool,but a rich county like this should have some cool stuff like that or better-and don't even say "well they have slides at the indoor pool at Wilde Lake"..Let me tellya- this city sucks when it come to doing anything thats fun.period.

The mall used to be fun. Now its dead.They took all the fun & excitement away some time ago..Y'know where the funnest place in Columbia is?? Behind the park & ride at Long Gate. If you haven't been there, you should check it out.

Welll sorry for the rant but it just apalls me that simple business & common sense isn't at the CA at all-so when they pose questions like "how do we improve the pools?"..really?? Here's an idea-bring people to them.

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