26 October 2009

Hijacking the Community Interest

I am loathe to base a blog post on comments retrieved from the HCCA Yahoo-group; however, CoFoCoDo “spokesperson” Alan Klein has crossed several lines that spur comment.

In a message this weekend, Alan begins his comments on the New City Alliance with cynicism:

“I was waiting for this.”

He then remarks that the principals of the New City Alliance have some ties with groups such as Bring Back the Vision and Columbia 2.0. Alan states “They try to make themselves seem bigger than they are by creating multiple groups, but it is easy to see through the charade.”

I will let the folks at the New City Alliance speak to your broadsides Alan, but if what you say is true, you should be flattered. Is it possible to apply the same broad-brush strokes to the Howard County Community Association (HCCA), most of the CA Board of Directors, and CoFoCoDo?

Moreover, Alan displays the plumage of hubris by stating that those with a view that differs from his own are opponents of the “community’s vision” and wish to hijack the “community’s interest.” Having lived most of my life in this diverse community, I am wary of any one individual that speaks for “the community.”

Alan, for more than three years, CoFoCoDo’s steering committee has directed you to appear often, (and at great length) in a variety of settings to convey their message to the people of Columbia. Now is not the time to jeopardize all their hard “behind the scenes” work. Rather than criticizing other’s ideas, provide a compelling argument for the CoFoCoDo steering committee’s point of view.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to AK as spokesman on the motives, the walk and the talk of community groups aside his own or HCCA, others have jumped on the clothesline not to be outdone by Alan. Dangerous commentary, bordering on liable, supports a negative group think such as this response to the formation of The New City Alliance: "Astroturf" groups: they have the appearance of being grass-root organizations, but they're fakes created by p.r. and campaign professionals.

Klein claims the NCA are "well financed opponents of the community's vision," and that the group is "a charade" even as relative newborns. And he knows, as in KNOWS this HOW?
Community is an all embracing vision. This is the second time in a week that a spokesperson at the pulpit has laid claim to know what I think, what I want and what the community vision is.
Assumption and blame are vying for and wrenching to turn off the "community." Presumption that is bold and shameless is often followed by it's half brother discord.

Anonymous said...

AK is unnecessarily arrogant and offensive. He even is demanding that the CC changes its rules for testifying by increasing the time each person gets and, instead of caucusing on the bills, having different hearings for different parts of the bills.

Not sure why he can start groups and others can’t. Not sure why he thinks he should be allowed to arbitrarily change the rules of CC testimony that have existed for decades because he cares about this issue. Not sure why he doesn’t focus more on the product and have meaningful conversation on solutions to what he sees as problems with the plan instead of childishly indicating that if the process (which will continue with or without him) is not as he demands, he will not participate in a meaningful way. Not sure why when the PB supported the Tower, the CC showed courage in not following PB recommendations, but when they don’t support the GGP ZRA, the CC should support what the PB recommends to them blindly. Not sure why he, who has been elected by none, is more representative of the community than our elected representatives.

Tom said...

I guess ABC is so out of date and stale you don't include them as part of the cabal who knows what's good for Columbia.

Anonymous said...

anyone who says klein is arrogant is discredited at the get go. so glad no one reads this blog.

B. Santos said...


You are right. Alan is so special that he cannot be touched.

Thank you for doing his work.

and thanks for reading my blog!