07 March 2007

For the Consideration of Wilde Lake Residents

I have submitted my candidacy petition for Wilde Lake Columbia Council Representative.


Anonymous said...


Hayduke said...

Welcome to the party!

jessie n said...

Yea! I can't vote for you, as I live in OM (Hayduke/Ian, you have my vote), but I will campaign for you. Let me know what you need for campaign support.

How about Hula Hoopers for a New Direction (direction-compass...)?

Too corny? Well, here's to your victory and a new direction on the council!

Rebecca said...


I'm delighted to hear that you're running. You've been exhibiting great leadership since we were in high school student council together.

Best wishes in your candidancy. You have a lot to offer Columbia.

Rebecca Newburn

Anonymous said...

Bill: So glad to see you have entered the race for CA Board of Directors. Your interest in and understanding of issues facing Columbia is obvious, and it is clear you will be a voice of reason. I will contact all my friends in Wilde Lake and ask them to support you. Thank you for your willingness to take on this leadership role.