03 December 2006

Holiday Preparations

Since Metzler’s Nursery closed in Columbia, my family has been drifting with respect to where to buy a Christmas tree. For the last two years, we have been buying a tree at the Long Reach Village Center. I have found their selection to be quite good and got to talking to the folks selling the trees. They have been selling trees there for 18 years. So, in your opinion, and if you are so inclined, where are the best Christmas trees sold in the Columbia area?


Anonymous said...

Is it ironic that a holiday celebrating a birth is celebrated by the death of many, many trees?

Perhaps, a reusable tree, either one with a root ball still attached that can be replanted or a reusable fake tree would be the best choices in the Columbia area.

Anonymous said...

I like to buy mine at the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center, where the proceeds go to help fund the Heifer Project.