06 November 2006

Worth Reading

Please read the following paragraph and see if it stirs the soul a little…

The (hopeful) lesson: we don’t have to choose between top-down…mega-projects (that accommodate growth but undermine communities) and the natural evolution of markets in places…that may preserve neighborhood character but results in a neighborhood that very few can afford. When people are truly included in the planning, when development comes with real and more fairly-shared benefits, and when smart public policy helps shape growth to make it work for neighborhoods, communities can be willing to accept large-scale development and shoulder their share of the city’s growth.

This is the concluding paragraph of an article that appeared in today’s edition of the Gotham Gazette. The article details several projects that are either planned or are currently underway in Queens, NY and discusses if they are the realization of either Jane Jacob’s or Robert Moses’s vision. A great read.

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