13 November 2006

Improving the Interface

Just a quick hello and good Monday morning. I have not posted in awhile, but have been busy working on support issues. First, I have, belatedly, put the Tales of Two Cites and Fine Line links on my blog list. I have been very tardy in doing this. Sorry about that Steve and Wordbones.

Secondly, I have updated the poll. The previous poll results are as follows:

If Columbia was must see TV, it would be:

Family Ties 57%
Seinfeld 21%
The Cosby Show 14%
Cheers 7%
Friends 0%

A total of 14 votes were cast (voting totals were rounded off).
So what does this say about our community? I will leave that for your comments.

The new poll has us looking at Columbia in terms of radio formats. Let your voice be heard! Vote!

Lastly, I have upgraded to the new Blogger format.

See you soon.

1 comment:

Hayduke said...

The Blogger upgrade was a pain in my butt! You seemed to have faired well, however.