06 May 2011

The Evolving First Impression of Mr. John DeWolf

I recently had a chance to listen to a HoCoMoJo audio interview with John DeWolf, the Howard Hughes Corporation Senior Vice President of Development.  Mr. DeWolf will be the point person with regard to Columbia Downtown redevelopment.  I encourage everyone to listen to the audio for details.

The one thing I will say is that Mr. DeWolf does have a bit of a monotone (and in the interest of full disclosure, my intonation is pretty flat-lined too).  I would find it interesting from an acoustic perspective to sit in on a meeting between HHC's John DeWolf and CA's Phil Nelson.

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Interested Party said...

I listened to the HoCoMoJo interview and got the same feeling of flatness in delivery by John DeWolf. Greg Hamm was so animated, that he will be a tough act to follow.

I also was a bit unhappy with his comment that sort of said "everybody thinks his community is special." We heard a similar comment from the senior execs who chose Mr. DeWolf. Please tell me that HHC recognizes that Columbia may, in fact, be a different animal then they have seen in the past. Yes, we are just land ready to be developed. But we are also an active, interested, and often engaged group of citizens who want more than just another planned development. I hope that the new kids in town "get it."