01 September 2010

Incumbent Democrat Bobo Assails O’Malley Administration

As the media has designated Howard County as a bellweather for the upcoming election, recent statements by candidates have started to characterize how much the county is in play.  Last night at a candidate’s forum held in Columbia, Maryland, current State Delegate Bobo stated that she is an independent Democrat and is proud that she at times votes against the majority of Democrats in the State Legislature.  When asked about protecting the rights of whistleblowers, Delegate Bobo said that the O’Malley Administration had not done enough to protect whistleblowers and if elected she would introduce legislation to correct this deficiency.

On a related topic, Delegate Bobo said that she was going to lead a group called “Howard County Women for O’Malley” in the near future.


Hamburglar said...

More bad things from Liz Bobo's mouth. So she hates O'Malley as well as President Obama too. She is a bad person. And her husband really wears a ponytail? What is he, 70?

Smirkman said...

Bobo must go! Who realistically shares her values and political opinions? I ask because her true intentions are not the same as what she speaks IMO. She appears to run her campaign like a machine that serves no purpose other than to get her elected. Sadly I fear that her name recognition will get her re-elected.