03 February 2008

Gettin' Bloggy

With an engaging football game tonight and Super Tuesday Right around the corner, the time to blog has been pretty limited. But I wanted to take a moment to call some features here at the compass to your attention. First off is a new tagging widget called Jiglu. Located over there on the right, this widget automatically searches my blog for different things and people that I have been writing about. It is not perfect (it thinks Kendall Ridge is a person), but if you wanted a quick reference search, its there for you to use.

I am also exploring a few applications that will allow people to rate the comments posted on the blog here. Stay tuned for this to appear in the coming weeks.

In other news, if any of you out there are registered Yahoo or Flickr users, you can now use these ID's when posting comments on blogs. Please refer to this press release.

Talk to you all soon.

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