06 December 2007

More Fish in the Pond

I was pleased to read about a new group in town, Responsible Growth for Columbia (and I would never truncate their lengthy title to Re-Grow Co. No, never). I first heard about them on Hayduke’s blog. I also recently found a group, known as Concerned Citizens of Columbia (Co-Cit-Co?).

Responsible Growth seems to have a broad platform, but is currently focusing on:

The proposed Wegmans, which is going to be 160,000 square feet with a restuarant, at the corner of McGaw Road and Snowden River Parkway. The County's Planning Commission voted recently to allow large scale grocery in Industrial Zones. Wegmans also completed a traffic study for this store and they state that their store, which is 3 times the size of a regular grocery store will have a small impact, which a traffic light will mitigate. WE CANNOT BELIEVE THAT! See our sections to see other issues with the traffic study and why this area should be kept for Industrial uses.

It appears that they have not yet uploaded the other issues with the traffic study or the reasons why the area should be kept for industrial uses. Two small problems with their work so far (really just constructive criticism): The County Planning Board (not the Planning Commission) voted. The Planning Board did not vote on all industrial zones, but only the 81-acre plot of land formerly known as the Sieling Industrial Center. This land area is roughly bounded by Oakland Mills Road to the South, Snowden River Parkway to the East, Dobbin Road to the West, and Route 175 (Rouse Parkway) to the North. The plot does not include Dobbin Center. Overall, a great start. I look forward to good things from Responsible Growth.

The Concerned Citizens of Columbia do not seem to be new (their posts date back to the summer, but it is still largely under construction. Like Responsible Growth, the Concerned have a tight focus: a proposed sediment forebay at the North end of Wilde Lake. Welcome to the Club.

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Jessie Newburn said...

Thanks for the heads up on these two groups, Bill (and to Hayduke as well for the "responsible growth" folk.

I went to both of these sites and what a disappointment! The "concerned citizens" have a blog post from August and nothing since. Whatever. They have NO easily found contact info.


Then I went to the "responsible" site and found, also nothing of import. No contact info. No statement of who they are. How responsible is that? Or, in shorthand: WTF!?

I, for one, don't give a hoot about complainers without an identity. And, Lord, help us. But I hope the old-style approach to journalism of turning to "groups" for positions on "issues" doesn't take a shinin' to such anonymous groups.

I don't, of course, have any concern with said entities' platforms, perspectives or right to express themselves freely. But, really, who cares about anonymous groups hiding behind loose names such as "concerned citizens"?