27 August 2007

Back Off

Mary Kay Sigaty, you are doing a good job. It is about time that it was said. Since being elected, I have seen you honor your campaign promises, but more importantly, serve your community. Beyond the fashionable fear campaign waged by some in the community, you have been a steady voice in neighborhood revitalization and demonstrated strong leadership during the brutal murders that occurred in Running Brook this spring. Thank you.

I say this because of an August, 26, 2007 article in the Baltimore Sun. This article (page 2) attempts to paint Mary Kay Sigaty as out of touch.

The councilwoman has been known to take two or three days to return phone calls, according to county officials who refused to be quoted, but who said it can be "frustrating" to attempt to contact her.

Even an issue of prime importance to her sometimes does not draw a return call. For example, Sigaty is preparing to introduce legislation next month to limit the height of buildings in Columbia -- an attempt to stop plans for a 23-story residential tower on the lakefront or any similar buildings.

Recently, a Sun reporter trying to speak to her about construction starting on the tower was not able to reach her despite sending two e-mails, leaving two messages at her council office and another message live with someone at Sigaty's home.
This article spurred the following comment from Freemarket:

I question how interested Mary Kay is in being a council member. I wonder if this issue has burnt out her interest in the political process.

I am not sure if Freemarket is just responding to the article or if he has first hand knowledge, but my experience with Mary Kay has been that she is a very dedicated Howard County Council member. I do not agree with her on every issue, but I believe her commitment to District 4 and the County as a whole is exemplary.

The article, written by Larry Carson, can only provide unnamed county government sources and Baltimore Sun staff as people that have not received a prompt reply from Mary Kay. So who is Mary Kay talking to? My guess would be the people that live in District 4.


Anonymous said...

Larry Carson is a hack propagandist for Ulman, who has no great love for MKS. So, it's no surprise to see him smearing her - in order to suck up to Ken. Larry has no journalistic integrity, he's biased beyond belief, and has no responsibility to reporting the truth and facts. He's everything that's wrong with the media in this day and age.

Its unfortunate that people like him are given such a powerful position (to write and say whatever you want about whomever you want). His editors should remind him of what his journalistic responsibilities are.

As for MKS - she's at least keeping her campaign promises, unlike the slimy rat Ken Ulman who has already broken several promises. Then, to compensate for his shortcomings, he has to put himself in the media limelight at every given opportunity, wy weak, make-you-feel-good-but-have-no-substance-policies-and-"reforms" to dupe the public into thinking that he's doing such a great job.

He's a great politician, but a lousy leader, and an even lousier person.

Anonymous said...

Larry Carson broke the story about Ulman’s illegal housekeeper, so I’d hardly call him a propagandist for Ulman.

Anonymous said...

He only broke that story because every other paper was going to cover it too. He also spent 3/4 of the article pooh-poohing the whole thing and playing it down. Hardly a harsh criticism of Ken. If a republican had done it, Larry would have crucified him/her.

Anonymous said...

I was not aware of any other story about this until after the Sun article, and Carson’s questions prompted Ulman to ask the housekeeper about her status. I don’t buy your assertion that every other paper was going to cover it. There is no evidence that this was on anyone’s radar screen.

I can’t believe that MKS would blow off questions from a reporter, knowing that they are under tight deadlines. She’s proposing a significant change to the zoning approval process and she does not have the courtesy of talking to reporters. Is she ashamed of her bill?