13 January 2007

Wanted: Why did you move here?

Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class, is now looking for stories from people as to why they moved to a particular city, and what they have found since moving to the location. I came across this item on the blog Buffalo Rising via the Planetizen website. From Mr. Florida's website:

See, this book is about how people pick the places they live and why that's the single most important decision they'll ever make. It's a book for you, any of you, wondering about all the different options out there. Here's is what I'd like for you to do:

Tell me about the place you live. Why did you pick your city or region? How did you go about picking it - what was your strategy? What other kinds of places did you look at? How has that choice affected the rest of your life? Your job or career? Friends, family, or romantic interests? Fulfillment and fun? Real estate jackpots or money pits? Would you do it differently next time? What cities and regions are on your radar for the future and why?

That's it. 100 or 200 words, on any or all of those subjects. 300-500 words could be even better.

I encourage everyone who reads this blog to check out the Buffalo Rising blog, and click on the Who’s Your City link. For those who are too shy to submit anything to Mr. Florida, I would like to know: Why did you move here?


Eldersburg1976 said...

Moved to Eldersburg for the following reasons:

1. New job in Columbia

2. Couldn't find a house in Columbia that we liked and could afford. Building stock in Columbia is/was either:

a. too old/small in our price bracket
b. too large (newer houses) and out of our price bracket.

Anonymous said...

How about also asking not only why people chose where they are above other places, but why people chose to move away from their previous homes?